At the turn of the new millennium, Mr. Miroslav Chaloupka founded a small family company CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES CHANDELIER which produces crystal and coloured chandeliers decorated with hand-cutting, painting and gilding. The current owner continues the family tradition and carries on with his father's legacy. Father of the current owner, Miroslav Chaloupka Senior, was present at the birth of glass industry and Czech crystal chandelier production in a little Czech town Nový Bydžov in the 1970's.

At the beginning of its existence, CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES CHANDELIER made a few series of several chandeliers for friends and acquaintances. Later on, tens of chandeliers per month were ordered and nowadays CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES CHANDELIER manufactures several hundreds of Czech crystal chandeliers per month.

This small family firm has a growing number of customers thanks to its friendly attitude, consistent quality check and good prices. Within the first twelve years of its existence, CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES CHANDELIER has shipped its products to 73 countries and gained an important position among Czech manufacturers and exporters of traditional crystal chandeliers from all over the world.
We hope that you decide to choose a crystal chandelier from our Crystal, Coated Crystal and Leaded Crystal product range.